Integrated Pilates tacoma

Integrated Pilates Tacoma is a Pilates cooperative space, allowing teachers and serious students to work and practice individually while sharing resources. 

We study and practice the lineage of Joseph Pilates' student Eve Gentry. She created the Gentry Technique, a form of movement analysis and Fundamental Pattern training that helps any student learn the proper way to perform the Pilates technique. We've built on these strong foundations by adding Somatic Movement Practices, Embodied Anatomy, and a focus on the Inner Practices of Pilates - Breathing, Relaxation, Concentration, Control, Coordination, Precision, and Flow. 

Our studio offers private, duo, and trio sessions by appointment, some mat classes (please inquire for schedule), workshops, teacher training, and continuing education. 

IPT is not a standard studio, we are individuals who are self-employed, teaching part-time on our own schedule, in our own ways, with our own individual price structures. If you are interested in connecting with a potential teacher please contact Liza Kjosen 619-855-1169 or email lkjosen@gmail.com. Liza can route you to a potential teacher. You will work directly with that teacher for all business including payments and scheduling.